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    • Frankie
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      I am a quite experienced young birder, with about 6 or so years of bird watching experience behind me. I am not able to get a super expensive camera or camera lense, but I am thinking of investing in a spotting scope with a digiscoping attachment. For now, I am digiscoping through binoculars, which is more difficult because it is less steady. I recently went birdwatching at one of our best local hotspots, and got some decent pictures of some Great Blue Herons, which were common and widespread along the shore, but very easy to photograph5581F035-B600-4787-B517-ED34C7CA628DC4CF4838-726F-4319-A54B-7A1CC432F5D4FF395904-5209-4CDF-9AC9-4D6D1B5D848D5761CF36-936B-4CDC-9552-C7D9009ECE1B3E807A03-E5ED-4D99-9F7F-C1505E520B68
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