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    • Mari Jane
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      Can anyone recommend one or two good birding binocular brands based on personal usage? Thanks! MJ
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    • Owen
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      Owen Stainken
      Vortex in general are great binoculars. So i would recommend those, But maybe im to late
    • Rob
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      Swarovski 10 x 42 is the only way to go. I have tried Leica 8 x 42 and more recently bought Swarovski 10 x32 . I have also owned Zeiss 10 x 32 . Nothing compares to a good 10 x 42.
      • Lisa
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        I also agree with Rob, I received the Swarovski 10X32 as a gift and love them.
    • Frankie
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      Hi. I like Zeiss, Swarovski Optiks, and Nikon binoculars. They all provide good, crisp, clear looks at birds. I hope this is helpful. Happy Birding!
    • Samuel
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      I am new at birding.  Based on the recommendation of an experienced birder, last year I purchased a Nikon Monarchs 8x42.  I have been extremely happy with these.  There is a good width that allows you to follow more easily for birds in flight.  Anything with more magnification will provide more close up detail but will make it more difficult to follow in flight and will require you to have a very steady hand.  I purchased these on sale at REI for a little over $200.  Very clear and bright.  Well attached lens  covers at both ends.  Reasonable weight.  Highly recommend.
      • Lucy
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        I have also been using Nikon Monarchs for birding but a note of caution from my personal experience: those "attached" distal lens covers blew right off on a boat when looking at pelagics.
    • Rocky
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      Hello, I recently purchased the Vortex diamond back 8x32 and am pleased with my purchase. I was looking for something lighter than my old pair. Rocky
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