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    • Peter
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      Peter James'S LYREBIRD at Sherbrooke Forest Vic. Australia. My son JIM was bush walking through Sherbrooke Forest and decided to head off track for some 20 mins. where He stumbled upon this Magnificent Lyrebird Strutting His Dance and Song...JIM recorded this Lyrebird for some 71/2 mins. doing what he does best-Chasing Lady Birds-Enjoy the Resonance of his call deep in the Natural Forest...This is not a Sanctuary bird...a natural Lyrebird deep inside Sherbrooke Forest...Cheers.
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    • Lee Ann van Leer
      Bird Academy
      Wow that is excellent Peter. I edited your post to make the link clickable. We haven't advertised these public forums yet so right now mostly just people stumbling upon them that are taking one of our three courses that has a discussion board. Great that your son documented this. Thanks for sharing.
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