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    • abbey beagle-terrier
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      abbey beagle-terrier
      I am at lake Bella Vista in NW Arkansas.   Today I saw 80 Canada geese with what looked like 2 snow geese and 2 hybrids.    Merlin says that snow geese are not found here (yet)am I right?823E1B35-969B-458C-BBFB-C78CC20121EBBE3B61D1-4063-41CA-8F25-8B14FEFF853E2BEEAAB2-E7F4-4B36-83F2-2EFD50B29AB27D935839-91B6-4979-9CB3-B9C5E7C7E9CD2305F5AF-84E8-4B58-B91B-CD1E257CA2F4
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    • Owen
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      Owen Stainken
      That is a domestic goose , and in the background I see a Chinese goose another domestic bird and rare hear, also lots of greater white fronted geese too. the white goose is a Chinese goose in my opinion , keep in mind they are all domestic!
    • CHLOE
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      hi, snow geese have been seen in that area before,%202018.pdf it mentions them being there in that website doc- it is a bit long though.
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