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  • Elizabeth
    1. I love hiking, backpacking, bird watching, and just going for really long walks. I've never journaled in any form but I want to try something that could be fun while writing/drawing it and also fun to come back to. 2. I think I'll have to let my drawings go wherever they want to because I'm not an artist and would like to allow myself the ability to restart over and over. I like the idea of coming back afterwards and penciling in some bounding boxes to make it appear a bit more organized/intentional. I may utilize the zoom idea and I definitely want to capture a few salient thoughts about what the day was like so that I can transport myself back to that moment when I'm looking at the journal at a later date. 3. I might incorporate who I'm with or who I was just with or will be with that day - sharing nature experiences with people is very important to me and I'd love to have this journal as a way to remember all of the nice times I had enjoying nature with my loved ones.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)