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  • Jamila
    9701AB5F-CD4F-4521-A75B-0492A99056DA I tried to use the technique from one of the journalists in the introductory videos that said to look at the hidden circles within the bird to complete this sketch. The difficulty was that I saw way too many circles and then triangles, rectangles, trapezoids and so on! I got lost in the shapes and finally just went with my gut. What was most frustrating was that I kept jumping around the page and then settled on completing the bird last and spent more time with detail. I got overwhelmed with the level of detail that everything required and didn’t want to invest the time required so I budgeted accordingly. I just wanted to get it done! Overall, I am impressed with my first attempt and am looking forward to the skills I’ll learn along the way in this course. I love sketching but feel I am horrific at painting and watercolor. I’m really hoping to learn some helpful tips for that, but am terrified at the thought of attempting them at the same time.
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