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  • Jeff
    Ever since I was a kid in England and Canada after we emigrated, I have enjoyed doodling.  Once I had kids of my own, I would draw various things for them....trucks, cars, airplanes, and especially faces and eyes and cartoon characters.  My Aunt, who has lived in Ashland, Ore. for 20 yrs is an amazing artist who also started very young and has made a living of it.  My uncle also "dabbled" with paints and was an amazing self-taught artist. Having said that, a few yrs ago, at the ripe age of 65 and retired, I decided to take a college course, Drawing From The Right Side of the Brain. It really opened up a lot of ideas and development of how we see things. I have always been attracted to birds and the many species and diversity of colours.  I love the sound of songbirds in the morning.  Walking through wooded trails is always a delight for mindfulness and observation.  I am excited to get into this as my wife got me into Cornell with a Christmas gift coupon.  I am excited to see where all of this leads.
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