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  • Patrick
    1. I was given a nature journal by my daughters for Christmas in 2010 and really enjoyed keeping the log of my outdoor adventures. I had no real guidance other than my own ideas so I am really looking forward to more specific directions in this course. I have also worked with a couple of land trusts conserving private land and have always enjoyed being out in nature. Those projects required an attention to detail similar to what I anticipate in my nature journal.  2. I like the idea of keeping track of not only date and time, but also weather and any other factors which may be affecting the natural setting. I also like the idea of drawing a magnified part of the subject. 3. In the past I have supplemented my drawings with some photos I took at the time, especially if my time was limited. I tried to observe as much as possible in the time given. I would then use the photo and my recollection of the encounter to create the journal entry. This allowed me to record the encounter and preserve the memory.
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