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  • Kirstie
    1. While driving between family visits and listening to a public radio interview with Obi Kaufmann a few years ago I was completely captivated by Obi's story of his connection to nature through his art, and I was feeling incredibly reconnected to the Bay Area I had grown-up in and so deeply explored and loved in my youth.  I stopped at a nearby bookseller and purchased, Obi's The California Field Atlas and later I went down the proverbial internet "rabbit hole" which lead me to John Muir Laws website.  I was hooked and began studying Jack's techniques and experimenting with my own nature journaling.  Jack's website and the Nature Journaling Conference in Asilomar has continued me on this path of learning from other nature journalers... which lead me to this course. 2. In the examples of nature journals from this first lesson I found several approaches to illustrating birds, recording dates and details, and zooming-in for a closer look of what I am observing... wonderful examples, thank you! 3. One journaling idea I've picked-up is to include a map with some of my observation records.930F0808-7B44-479B-A60A-E4AC51802BB1_1_105_c
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