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  • Jennifer
    I've found myself for years, stopping on walks to look at bark, fungi and other bits of nature that are easy to miss. I've taken photographs which I've later sketched, but I love the idea of recording extra information in a journal, where, when, how, why etc. I looked at this course for several months but now having been stood down from work due to Covid-19, I have time to do it and really immerse myself in it. I find drawing very stress relieving and it's really helping smooth the edge of anxiety about the current sad situation. I teach art to adults with mild intellectual disabilities. Just before we got shut down, I had introduced them to nature journaling, which they really loved. I'm hoping to send them home a package so that they can continue their journals at home until we can see each other again. I think it will be a lovely activity to compare our journals when we return. I loved looking at all of the journals and will probably take bits and pieces from all of them. I'm also thinking of having some theme pages, such as mushrooms or feathers not all found on the same day, but dated as I find them.
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