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  • Daphne
    This is so challenging!  I'm pleased that my Yellow Warbler is at least recognizable and that I'm actually willing to share it.  It took me forever and this is my 1st attempt at using watercolors.  I'm not sure it would be recognizable without the yellow (and oops splotchy red breast streaks).  I'm a pretty serious birder and have been birding off and on all my life and love iPhone photography - for birds through my spotting scope, but I'm hoping to find more time to slow down, be still, and be more observant of behavior and details; partly with a goal to become an even better birder.  This is the perfect course for coronavirus isolation, though getting out in nature is a bit more challenging.  I probably wouldn't have noticed the leg color and details of bill size and shape if I weren't drawing this.  I love Yellow Warblers and have spent a lot of time in willow thickets in the Sierra with dozens of them during breeding season while my husband was flyfishing.IMG_1297
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