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  • Maggie
    1. I have to admit that I was nervous to draw without any instruction as I do not know how to draw. So the entire exercise proved to be a challenge, including overcoming the challenge to just dive in and try to capture the bird's form and expression. I had difficulties capturing its shape and hope to learn how to do this as we make our way through the course but I kept at it. I really want to try and sketch what I felt looked like a smile or smirk on its face. Yes, I'm likely anthropomorphizing but I felt like there was a real liveliness to the bird. I felt more comfortable trying to sketch the branches and leaves but wanted to fully capture those details like the lichen and bends of the branches. The subtleties of the whole photo--from the way the warbler's feet curled around the branches to the vibrant green pouf of lichen--commanded my attention. Now if only my I could gain the artistic skill to render all of it on the page. 2. I likely would have overlooked the way the warbler's feet grasped the branch and the intricacies of its claws. Another detail was the branch itself -- I was really "drawn" (excuse the pun) to its shape and various textures. YWarblerFirstExercise
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