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  • Margaret
    How did you feel about drawing from the photo? It was a challenge which is why we are taking the course and are using it to connect with a granddaughter many miles away over Zoom. What came easily and what was challenging? The eye and beak were the easiest and the body was the hardest. Was there anything in the photo that you might not have noticed if you weren’t asked to draw it? The angle of the legs seemed unnatural so I was drawn to the fact that I had to correct my first attempt which was straight up and down. I also "felt" right away that something was off in my picture even though I thought "that can't be right" when looking at the angle of the legs at first so it kept me honest! Would this make a difference when nature journaling? It would depend on time and purpose. In a photo you might be able to go back and notice a detail but in sketching you are more focused at the time so you may note or make note of, some detail you might even miss in the photo. IMG_5817
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