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  • Jean
    Activity 1: I explored the Wall of Birds and was taken by the Red-legged Seriema from South America. Watching how the bird prepares its pray for consumption is amazing and the sounds this bird makes is very unique. Activity 2: We have quite a variety of birds in our yard but the ones that most impress me are the Norther Flicker, the Spotted Towhee and, and my favorite California Quail. We have built a substantial mound of brush and branches from our property for the Quail and many other birds to nest in. We are looking forward to the time when the parent birds will be parading around the yard with their little ones. Activity 3: As much as I love the California Quail, the Red Shoulder Hawk is by far my most favorite neighborhood bird. We have a nest in one of our Ponderosa Pine trees and this is the year for a new hawk family. The nest is not used every year. We have been watching the parent hawks feed each other and guard the nest as needed. One morning while sitting on my deck I could hear subtle chirping from the nestlings. It was so exciting. I am looking forward to the nestlings growing and venturing out of the nest to spread and try their wings. It is always a delight to observe this process.
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