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  • Mark
    There are so many fascinating birds to choose from it's hard to narrow it down to one but my favorite would have to be the Arctic Tern for the insanely long distance it migrates annually. I sat on my patio for a while today and saw the usual visitors to my feeders, some House Finches and Sparrows, a California Towhee, and some Morning Doves. But then a tiny little yellow bird appeared and I couldn't get a good look at first because he was chasing bugs around inside the tree, then he took a break on an outer branch revealing the black stripe on his crown, a Wilson Warbler. So far there isn't a great variety of birds in the area where I live but the Doves are fun birds, they sound so sad at times but they are very friendly, they don't seem to mind if people are around the feeders or water, they fly right in and get a drink and a snack.
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