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  • Stacey
    S E Wilson
    Inspiration: I have alway been a keen observer of nature but have never tried recording what I see artistically--I can see where this would be very helpful in learning species--plants, animals, insects etc...I was interested in the course with some extra time at home ( there is only so much Netflix one can watch...), I decided to take advantage of the generous free offer and give it a try. Journal Style: All the journals were beautiful and interesting...I really liked the idea of using a "zoom" image for details..I liked the including the date, time, weather, location idea...I like including both observations in detail, quotes, and images--I also like the idea of organizing some pages with boxes  while others may be more free formed... Journalling Ideas...I have played with art journalling a little, I may also add some other paper cuttings or images into the nature journal.
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