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  • Geri
    I just joined today (April 30th) and haven't read through all the replies but empathize with us all for reaching out for focus, art, and observation.    I am an avid bird watcher, sometime artist (when I don't get distracted) and garden person.  I enjoyed all the journals - about how they can be a process, don't have to be a final product, can be focused on shape and pattern (D.J.), beautifully rendered(Holly), enthusiastic about color and shadow (Blue Footed Boobies and rocks - William), organized and synergistic with illustration and writing observations(Jayna), and observing and playing with color and palettes (Jewell).  I also liked Margaret's pondering about the hummingbird and stages of observation.  Onward! Geri
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)