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  • Henrietta
    I'd begun nature journaling before this pandemic, but rather haphazardly, with no real plan or schedule.  Several friends were doing it, and encouraged me.  I watched a number of John Muir Laws videos and really liked his approach.  Now that I have more time I decided to take this Bird Academy course to encourage myself to sketch every day.  I've been walking in the woods near my house every day for the past weeks, recording the birds I see and especially noting the new ones arriving as they rest during their migration.  So since I'm outside already, I'd like to use some of the time to sketch in my journal.  I also have a small journal where I've been sketching all the different warblers, noting their markings in hopes to learn them better, but I'm doing all this from books.  Now I want to be able to draw directly from what I see outside.  Gesture drawings are something I really want to practice and get better at.  I like the combination of drawings with written observations and questions.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)