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  • Deanna
    Comment on Question #2 - "...which ideas or approaches do you want to try?"  I loved the gorgeous use of color in some of the journals.  It was intoxicating--so I want to try that in my journal.  (I am new to journaling.)  I also noted that not trying to use up the entire page with drawing(s) or text was better.  Leaving clean white space allowed the drawings to really jump off the page.  I noted that some people used somewhat sloppy printing.  I think that after making a beautiful painting, the quality of the printing should be on par with the art work--but maybe that takes too much time...I'll soon find out! Comment on Question #3 - "...have a different idea that you like to share?"  I think it might be fun to try to incorporate 3-D pop up images occasionally.  It would be fun to try it.
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