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  • Andrienne
    I am Andrienne. I have been doing nature journaling or at least nature drawing for many years. I have an associate of arts degree in studio art from Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, MA,  and I have also studied art at many other places. I am not  a professional artist really but I regard art as my avocation. I call myself a civic artist, by which I mean I participate in local events in Fitchburg, MA where I live, which invite artists to draw scenes of Fitchburg. And the works are later displayed in a public place. What inspired me to do nature drawing is that I love gardening and I enjoy bird watching and watching squirrels and whatever other wild animals come into my back yard— yes, even skunks. I have taken nature drawing classes at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Boylston, MA. So when I saw this class offered by Cornell School of Ornithology, I just naturally signed up for it. Of the different artists who showed their journals in this first lesson, I really liked the journals of Shayna Muller and Holly Faulkner the best. I like the way they interwove their comments with their drawings and especially the way Shayna drew rectangles around her drawings in a way that seemed to create unity, but I derived some inspiration from the other artists as well.
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