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  • Caroline
    First drawing of the class! I put most of my effort into the warbler and got lazy with its perch. I always tend to focus more on the bird than any other part of the scene. That's one of the things I want to move away from in my nature journaling. Even though I am curious about plants, other animals, and phenology I've never tried to document them with the same intention I put towards documenting birds. I found the foliage and details on the bark (the lichen, shading, and rough texture) to be the most difficult to draw. Those shapes and textures are so different from bird shapes and feather textures, so I never know how to really capture them. I liked drawing from a photo first to have time to take in all the details, but I want to get better at drawing quick sketches from short encounters that are more likely to happen in the field.IMG_2544
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