Jane Kim
Jane Kim Founder of Ink Dwell

As the founder of Ink Dwell Studio, artist and science illustrator Jane Kim creates monumental public art that explores the wonders of the natural world. One of her largest works is the Wall of Birds, a 2,500 square-foot mural celebrating the diversity and evolution of birds at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology that NPR called a “masterwork” and Juxtapoz magazine described as “one of the world’s most ambitious natural history murals.”

Celebrate the diversity and evolution of birds with artist Jane Kim, who brought to life the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s magnificent 2,500-square-foot Wall of Birds mural. Part homage, part artistic and sociological journey, The Wall of Birds tells the story of birds’ remarkable 375-million-year evolution. In this talk, Kim will discuss her new book about the project, The Wall of Birds, exploring the intersection of art and natural history, the creative process, and surprising lessons that we humans can learn from birds.

Wall of Birds book cover

You can explore the Lab’s interactive version of the epic mural anytime: Wall of Birds

Wall of Birds interactive