Archived Events

Jane Kim Image: Kelly Hsaio
A Bird’s-Eye view of the Wall of Birds
Archived Event 1:00:00
San Cristobal Mockingbird Image: Jay McGowan/Macaulay Library
Songs + Calls
Macaulay Library Live Q&A
Archived Event 1:00:00
Ruff Image: Jay McGowan/Macaulay Library
Bird ID
eBird Live Q&A
Archived Event 1:00:00
Spotted owl Image: Adam Jackson/Macaulay Library
Songs + Calls
Exploring Nature Through Sound and Music
Archived Event 1:00:00
Get Out and Count for eBird’s October Big Day
Archived Event 0:33:00
Brant Image: Gerrit Vyn
Media that Matters: Natural History Filmmaking that Makes a Difference
Archived Event 1:01:15
Long-Billed Curlew Image: Nick Dorian/Macaulay Library
Coastal Solutions: Building a Bold New Community to Address the Shorebird Crisis
Archived Event 1:03:00
Barn Swallow Map Image: Ryan Sanderson/Macaulay Library
Mapping Migration with eBird
Archived Event 35:20
Lights Out – Night Sky Image: Joshua Stevens
Lights Out to Protect Migratory Birds
Archived Event 30:00
map of the united states Image: Adriaan Dokter
BirdCast: Learn When and Where Birds Migrate
Archived Event 1:00:34
Merlin (Taiga) Image: Brian Sullivan/Macaulay Library
Bird ID
Merlin Bird ID: Tips, Tricks, and Updates
Archived Event 1:04:52
Eastern Meadowlark Image: Doug Beach/Macaulay Library
Bird IDConservation
Uncover Historical Data with Nest Quest Go!
Archived Event 1:03:16
Song Sparrow singing Image: Drew Weber/Macaulay Library
Songs + Calls
What's that bird song? ID birds by sound with BirdNet
Archived Event 1:01:27
Chickadee eggs in nest Image: Leo Sack
Nest Talk With Nestwatch
Archived Event 1:08:03
3 Billion Birds Gone: The Bird Crisis and What We Can Do About It
Seminar Series
Can Drones Help Our Bird Populations?
Seminar Series 1:00:32
Dark-eyed Junco Image: Jason Vassallo/Macaulay Library
Journey of the Juncos: Migration and Adaptation in Our Changing World 
Archived Event
Ospreys at the nest Image: C. Gibson
Ospreys Across the Pond: A European Osprey Tour
Seminar Series
Jane Kim painting the Wall of Birds mural Image: Jeff Szuc
The Wall of Birds
Archived Event
Amur Falcons
A Galaxy of Falcons
Seminar Series 0:58:46
Bird with Radar Antenna
Dark Ecology: Studying Night-time Bird Migration with Radar
Seminar Series 1:17:39
Image: Kelly Dalling
Where Song Began: The Birds Of Australia
Seminar Series 0:54:05
REd-winged Blackbirds alarm calling
Songs + Calls
Bird Sounds Decoded
Seminar Series 1:07:31
Image: John Gould
Evolution Of Darwin’s Finches: Integrating Behavior, Ecology, And Genetics
Seminar Series 1:10:37
Bird ID
A Night At The Museum (Of Vertebrates)
Seminar Series 1:11:02
Image: David Clode
Primates And Snakes: 75 Million Years of Deadly Dialogue?
Seminar Series 1:14:12
North American Feeder Bird Illustration Image: Justine Lee Hirten
The Project FeederWatch Team Answers Your Questions About Bird Feeding
Seminar Series 0:47:47
Image: Arthur Singer
Arthur Singer: 50 Years of Wildlife Art
Seminar Series 1:24:21
Noah Strycker with stack of field guides Image: Noah Strycker
Bird ID
Birding Without Borders: An Epic World Big Year
Seminar Series 1:10:41
Collage of Bird Cams photos
Bird Cams Appreciation Night Presentation and Q&A Session
Seminar Series 1:43:08
American Robin at nest with nestlings
Questions About Nesting Birds? Live From A Robin’s Nest, We’ve Got Answers
Seminar Series
Juan Pablo Culasso in Antarctica
Bird IDSongs + Calls
A World of Sound: A Blind Birdwatcher Shares His Story
Seminar Series 1:20:28
Great Black-backed Gull stealing neighbor egg
Of Islands And Undergrads: Bird Study In The Isles Of Shoals
Seminar Series 1:11:16
Cat with bird
Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences Of A Cuddly Killer
Seminar Series 1:20:10
Collage of coffee shop signs
Coffee, Communities, And Conservation: How Your Cup Can Make A Difference
Seminar Series 1:03:13
Frances Hamerstrom with Golden Eagle
Alone In This Remote Place: The Pioneering Women Biologists of New York’s Raptor Recovery Programs
Seminar Series 1:10:27
Common Yellowthroat male
Spotlight On Young Bird Researchers
Seminar Series 1:24:48
Kakapo painting Image: Jane Kim
The Marriage Of Art And Science: A One-Of-A-Kind Mural Of Birds
Seminar Series 1:02:37
Cover of the Living Bird by Gerrit Vyn Image: Gerrit Vyn
The Living Bird: 100 Years Of Listening To Nature
Seminar Series 1:00:49
Dunlin and Pacific flyway map
BirdReturns: How Big Data and Farmers are Protecting the Pacific Flyway
Seminar Series 1:07:02
We're for the Birds poster by Charlie Harper Image: Charlie Harper
To Interpret and Conserve: The Cornell Lab at 100 Years
Seminar Series 1:19:32
Jane Kim Painting Yutyrranus
Talk to the Artist: An Epic Mural Celebrates The Evolution and Diversity of Birds
Seminar Series 1:00:32
Cover of Into the Nest by Laura Erickson and Marie Read and
Into the Nest: Intimate Views of the Courting, Parenting, and Family Lives of Familiar Birds
Seminar Series 1:12:53
Project Puffin book cover
Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock
Seminar Series 1:16:56
Southern Cassowary
ConservationFood + Foraging
Uphill Struggles: Cassowaries, Seeds, and Conservation in New Guinea
Seminar Series 1:09:47
Superb Lyrebird
In Australia, Superb Lyrebirds Combine Vocal Mimicry With Complex Dance Steps
Seminar Series 1:06:18
Adelie Penguin Image: Diane Stinson/Macaulay Library
Life in an Adelie Penguin Colony—Live From Antarctica