Studying birds has many benefits

Solve biological puzzles

In this series of short videos, Dr. Kim Bostwick uncovers how the Club-winged Manakin, an incredible bird from South America, accomplishes its unique mating display.

Understand behavior

In this series of short videos, Dr. Marc Dantzker explains how studying what initially seems like chaos at a Greater Sage-Grouse lek is actually a highly structured and organized mating game.

Document biodiversity

In this video, Dr. Edwin Scholes and Tim Laman describe the importance of documenting diversity among the birds-of-paradise to help answer intriguing questions about how these birds evolved.

Build scientific knowledge

In this video, Dr. David Bonter and a team of Cornell undergraduates document the feeder use of some common bird species. With their innovative experimental design, they are demonstrating the power of using common species to answer complex scientific questions.

Conserve species

Dr. Yula Kapetanakos explains how the work she does in a lab contributes to the conservation of vultures in Southeast Asia.

Have fun!

Two composers, Maria Schneider and Theo Bleckmann, put a fun twist on bird song by matching human voices to bird sounds using the Cornell Lab’s Macaulay Library collection.