Chipping Sparrow

Not Surprisingly, the Chipping Sparrow “Chips”

Another species that stands out in this soundscape is the Chipping Sparrow. You’ll often hear its dry chip notes and its song, a long, chipping rattle that remains at the same pitch. This is a great one to get to know well because it can be confused with several other bird species.

As Found in the Field

Watch this video of a Chipping Sparrow and its trilling song. Notice how the beak stays open during the trill while the bottom part of the beak vibrates rapidly.

Benjamin M Clock/Macaulay Library

How to Talk About It

PitchDoesn’t really change during the song
RhythmA single four-second-long trill
RepetitionDozens of very brief, nearly identical chip notes in the trill
Tone QualityLong, dry, and mechanical

Learn the Sound Pattern

Listen for the distinct trill pattern.

Arthur A Allen + Peter Paul Kellogg/Macaulay Library

Song Spotlight

Again, let’s listen to the soundscape, this time with the Chipping Sparrow in mind.

Photo: Kevin J. McGowan. Audio: Gregory F Budney/Macaulay Library

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